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Salpatuuli is a cooperative that produces wind energy in aim to provide its members electricity at producer price. Our producer priced electricity can be even 50 % cheaper than regular market price and the price will stay low.

The aim is to give everyone access to renewable energy and to increase the emission-free energy's share in Finnish energy production. As Salpatuuli provides access to renewable energy and supports sustainable development, it also provides economic benefits to its members and investors. By joining the coop you will become a partial owner of Salpatuuli cooperative’s wind turbines. In other words, you can produce electricity from yourself and get affordable priced electricity in the long run.

Example of a house with electricity heating:

Consider a family living in a house. In this example their annual electricity consumption is 24 000 kWh. They have 80% of their annual electricity consumption covered with wind shares. This means they have 40 wind shares, i.e. 20 000 kWh.  Above calculated 5.965 c / kWh difference between the market price and wind share price of electricity generates annual savings of 1,200 euros.

The profits of voluntary profit shares depend on the cooperative’s production capacity, the financial result of cooperative and the number of profit shares. The interest for share capital (dividend) from cooperative is tax-free up to 1,500 euros. This means that with 10% interest rate for share capital you could have about 30 profit shares without having to pay capital tax. The decision of how high interest rate is to be paid is done by the meeting of the cooperative according to the proposition made by the board. As said the revenue depends not only on the cooperative outcome but also on the total number of profit shares acquired. According to calculations the revenue may be paid for about 4 - 10%.

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