Will I purchase an ownership to a particular wind turbine?

No, you do not. You will purchase an ownership to cooperative’s all wind power plants / production capacity. In Salpatuuli’s projects you will fund certain wind turbines but your electricity and your profits come from the entire production. In this way decreases the risk that your wind turbine would produce less power at some time.

Why do I have to join the electricity contract of Loiste in order to get my share electricity?

Since Loiste is Salpatuuli’s partner and responsible for billing of electricity, as well as taking care of cooperative’s electricity balance.

How do I act with Loiste when making my electricity contract?

When you are doing your electricity contract please tell Loiste that you are a member of Salpatuuli and how many wind shares you have. Loiste and Salpatuuli will then communicate with each other on the issues involved.

Can the cooperative influence the electricity transfer prices?

No it cannot. Transfer prices in a region are the same no matter wherefrom you're buying your electricity from. Transfer prices are determined by your local grid company.

Can a minor own shares?

Yes they can. In case of minors buying shares please contact the cooperative first.

What is a participation share / wind share?

Obligatory participation share is called wind share and it entitles you to purchase 500 kWh of electricity a year at producer price. So if you have 10 shares then you can buy 5000 kWh.

What is a profit share?

Voluntary participation share is called profit share and it entitles you to get interest for your share capital from the cooperative’s result. A profit share does not entitle you to buy electricity.

Do I have to live in Finland?

No. You can live anywhere you wish. However, electricity is only delivered to addresses located in Finland. Your residence does not affect the ownership of shares.

Can the wind shares be subscribed to different addresses such as summer cottage?

Yes they can. For each destination you can get shares according to the annual consumption in that address.

What is the price of cooperative’s share electricity?

The price of share electricity is 2.5 cents / kWh. Added to that are the electricity tax and value added tax so the total (taxed) price is 5.17 cents / kWh. It should be taken into account that the price of share electricity depends on the cost of production and may change in one direction or another. Our estimates say that the share electricity’s probable price is between 2.15 and 2.85 c / kWh.

When will the wind turbines become operational?

In summer or autumn 2014.

How do I know my annual electricity consumption?

Check it from your electricity bill.

Can I withdraw from the cooperative?

This is a cooperative, so it is possible to resign. In this case share payments will be paid back according to the statutes of the coop and the Co-operative Act. See statutes for further information on time periods.

What if my consumption changes?

You can sell shares. If consumption increases, you can buy shares from other members or the cooperative. On cooperative’s website there is a market place for buying and selling, and instructions for making trades.

Can I sell my shares?

Yes you can sell. Do it in written form and inform the cooperative. On cooperative website is the market place for buying and selling, and instructions for making trades.

Can I donate my shares?

Yes you can. Do it in written form and inform the cooperative.

Can I donate my membership?

No you cannot donate your membership. Only shares can be donated. Person getting the donated shares needs to apply for membership from the cooperative.

I bought accidentally too many shares?

You can sell the extra units or change them to profit shares.

How do I change my wind share to profit share?

Cooperative's Board of Directors has decided that the members have the right to change wind shares into profit shares and the other way around once every three years. To change applies an administrative fee.

What if I move?

Change your address at the cooperative’s member site or inform the cooperative in written. Inform also the electricity company. If you move in Finland, the share electricity will follow you to the new address.

How is my electricity billed from me?


Loiste charges your share electricity and the quantity in excess of it. Share electricity is divided into 12 months on the period 1.4.

31.3. (wind year). If you are spending less than the monthly consumption, the surplus is saved and transferred to the next months. At the end of the wind year although any surplus does not move to the next wind year. Thus on 31.3. unutilized amount will be lost. On the cooperative's website is a more detailed clarification of the electricity billing.



Why is the producer price set at 2.5 cents / kWh?

This has been calculated to be the likely level.

What happens to my shares if I die?

They are transferred to your heirs. The heirs have the right to use the deceased’s voice together in the cooperation unless one or some of them has before the end of the time period become owner of the shares. After one year the heirs have to choose who uses the voice in cooperative.

Can shares be divided into smaller pieces?

Shares cannot be divided into smaller parts. One share is always intact and worth of 500 kWh, not 250 kWh + 250 kWh. In case of inheritance or divorce shares can be given to different persons. For example 10 shares can be given to two persons so that each gets for example 5 shares.

What are the risks in Salpatuuli’s membership?

Wind stops or the price of electricity drops to near zero. In addition government or tax authorities may make decisions that affect our operations.

What happens when a wind turbine reaches 20 years age?

The power plant is terminated or renewed. The cooperative intends to invest in wind power plants so that the member's share value is retained.

Do the new shares cost 250 euros in the future?

Investments in new power plants can make share price to rise. In this case, however, the share price is 250 euros and in addition the cooperative will charge a refundable joining fee according to Cooperative Act.

What will be returned to me if I resign?

The shares value on the cooperative's balance sheet at maximum thou 250 euros. In the balance sheet value of the share can also be higher or lower than 250 euros.

What is a member's responsibility for the production and maintenance?

Nothing. All production and maintenance are handled by Salpatuulienergia.

My bank wants security to my wind share loan?

This is fine. Ask your bank to contact Salpatuuli.